Hello. Our hotel has been present for over 20 years. We make the best for all our customers.

As other people pointed out, this place is very much more an ecolodge / forest lodge and therefore anyone coming with the expectation of home comforts will be disappointed. However, that is definitely the appeal of the place. The huts are open to the trees and river, and therefore, yes, there may be bugs. The beds have good insect nets over them though so once you are safely tucked up you are safe!

We did rafting which was good and we were on the water for about an hour. Then the next day one of the guys took us up to some lovely pools up in the hills where we were able to swim and jump in etc. The scenery was spectacular!

Food on the terrace was very very good and we didn’t go hungry. The terrace is a great place to eat, have a beer and read a book. The noise of the river below makes it extremely relaxing. Staff were extremely friendly and good to chat to.

—-David, Scotland, United Kingdom —

The best activity we offer; White water rafting (situated alongside the retreat).It’s action-packed, full of adventure, and promises a great deal of fun for the entire family- it has continued to do so for the past twenty seven years and counting.


The Kelani River- with its grade three rapids – is ideal for both intermediate, and beginner paddlers.


Twelve eco lodges and seven eco rooms have been built on this family estate in the midsts of dense forestation, which has an area of about six acres, and is positioned alongside the Kelani River. The Rafters Retreat exhibits an exciting contrast when compared with the ancient cities and their eerie hush, or the cultural Kandian city.


The surrounding hill country is unequivocally teeming with every fruit and vegetable that your imagination could possibly conjure; fruit orchards and lowland tea plantations entice you to take a stroll early in the morning.


Established in 1995 as a sole proprietorship (KA/YATI/00148), we continue to grow organically. As we had mentioned, The Rafters Retreat Kitulgala is also the first firm to inaugurate white water rafting into Srilanka; having gained experience up to 25 years and the supervision of a well – trained crew of staff members. Again, as indicated hitherto, The Rafters Retreat also offers an additional 8 activities – these are Rockpool sliding and the confidence jumps, Zipling with the tree to tree, abseiling, jungle trekking, mountain cycling, paintball wars, ATV rides and excursions to the Belilena caves. The Rafters Retreat also has a natural pool for people who do not tend to do the above activities.


The rooms are based of two types – commonly known as eco – rooms and ecolodges. The eco lodges were the first built rooms on the establishment, structured akin to tree houses; while the eco – rooms are similar to a luxurious cabana. The food we accommodate is prepared as follows: English/ Srilankan cuisine is served for breakfast, while Srilankan rice and curry is served for lunch, and Chinese or Indian food for dinner.

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Why Choose Us?

The Rafters Retreat Kitulgala has been operating for a period of 25 years, having been established in mid-1995 by the current owner, Channa Perera.  The primary goal of our establishment is to provide guests with products and services of the highest quality, to the point where our firm is easily and positively distinguishable from surrounding companies, while charging reasonable prices.

We also render the highest number of adventure activities in Kitulgala – thus giving our visitors a wide variety of activities to choose from, depending on their personal preferences and desires.

Consumer satisfaction: as business theories state, the customer is the “King of a Business”, therefore, The Rafter’s Retreat is equipped with an extremely proactive group of staff members who, accomplish the needs and wants of our clients. We make sure our staff provers you with a standardised sense of hospitality; our aim is to meet our consumer’s every preference.  We also provide one of the best tree houses and eco rooms in Kitulgala.

Health and safety precautions: our staff members are highly qualified and have medical backgrounds to ensure the customers safety is our priority.

Refreshing welcome drink on your visit.


Free Wi-Fi


Unbeatable Cycling experience


Natural Pool

The below states locations and safety precautions available in case of emergency.
Kithulgala ADDRESS (including GPS location or coordinates where appropriate) TELEPHONE (including country code)
Accommodation Site Rafters Retreat
Hilland Group, Kitulgala,
Kitulgala 71720
+94 77 341 4308
+94 36 228 7598
The below states locations and safety precautions available in case of emergency.
Tour Management Plan 1) Assess situation and decide whether it is a major incident (represents serious risk to human life/ welfare)
2) Ensure the clients and team are safe
3) Administer first aid (if required)
4) Contact Creative Travel head office
5) If required, accompany casualty to a medical centre, making sure that remaining team members have adequate supervision
6) Contact Head Office
7) Contact Insurance Company
8) Ensure someone is keeping a record of incident events
Transport Primary: All 3 available
Nearest Medical Centre Kitulgala Hospital 4 Km. Time 10 min
Nearest Fully Equipped Hospital Karawanella Base Hospital 20 Km. Time:-30 min.
Nearest Airport Bandaranayake International Airport. Katunayaka 88km .Time:- 2hr 25 min
Nearest Helicopter Landing Pad Kitulgala School Ground 1 Km Time: – 5 min
Police Kitulgala Police 1 Km. Time :- 5 min